Healing Herbs -bespoke blend

Get a customised herbal blend to reclaim
your old self and health

Do you dream of waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead?

Do you want to feel energised and on a natural high in life every day?

Are you ready to start the day feeling clear headed and focused - ready to tackle the day? You can have all of this and more.



Invest in a 1-2-1 Homeobotanicals bespoke organic herbal blend


Homeobotanicals are powerful blend of organic, wild-crafted herbs diluted and potentised homeopathically. Each herb is targets specific organs. They are gentle and 100% natural, even safe enough for children and the elderly 

Each blend is custom made to match the physical, emotional and mental ailments that you are suffering with healing the physical and the vibrational. 

Some info on your custom made blend and homeobotanicals:


  • You cannot buy these direct from any shop. Homeobotanicals are inly available from a registered practitioner (i.e, me!)

  • These can be taken alongside supplements, herbs and flower essences 

  • Your blend is custom made to suit you ensuring a high rate of success rather than tinctures available straight off the shelf that have a more generic approach

  • Some of the conditions which have been reported to respond to Homeobotanicals include stress, perimenopause, asthma, eczema, IBS and digestive issues, burn out, poor sleep, anxiety and lack of energy.

  • I am a Homeobotanical Therapist registered with Homeobotanicals & HomeoHerbals UK & Europe.

Do any of these sound like you?


  • Constipation, bloating, heartburn and acid reflux
  • A low libido, the drive just isn’t’’ there’
  • Brain fog
  • Short term memory loss 
  • Feelings of anxiety about the day ahead, the day before, next week, all the time your cognitive function is less than optimum
  • Fatigue, always feeling 'tired' and a constant desire just to have some rest
  • Feeling ‘low’ in winter, always better when it is sunny weather
  • The feeling of intense overwhelm that just won't shift
  • Losing confidence in yourself as you just don't have the energy to do all the things that you want to do
  • Weight gain, never down, just keeps gaining 
  • A bladder so weak you reduce the volume of fluids you drink for fear of being caught short 
  • Never feeling refreshed upon waking and a racing mind in bed at nighttime

Homeobotanicals is for YOU if want to:


  • Start tuning into the whispers or screams listed above that your body is trying so hard to communicate to you
  • Start eating healthier, more nutritious foods but just don't know where to start or realistically what to improve on
  • Feel high vibe and energised every day and operate on a full tank rather than depleted by life all the time 
  • Are out of alignment with your path and want to find your way back to 'you' - that it is time to let go of habits that no longer serve you (sweet cravings, smoking, reduce drinking)
  • Learn how to manage your anxiety and tension through food, herbs and natural remedies to support you, not suppress your true self


Ready to reclaim your natural high vibes and vitality? Let’s get started!