The 6 steps to free yourself from IBS   

Solve your digestive issues in six weeks

Do you dream of no more IBS and digestive issues?

Do you want to never worry about how your gut is feeling whilst at work, on the school run or staying away from home?

Are you ready to start living each day free of of worrying about food, reactions to what you eat and embarrassing symptoms?

You need the Fierce Wellbeing Gut Reset online programme - designed to bring your digestive system back into balance.


Invest in 28 day ONLINE Fierce Wellbeing Gut Reset and stop wasting money on 'solutions' that have not worked - start to get actual results


Is fear controlling what you can and cannot eat? Are you always on feeling edge, worried about bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, excess gas and abdominal pain? Is eating out now a chore, or you just can't pinpoint despite numerous trips to the doctor and various tests why this is happening to you? If IBS and icky digestion taking over too much of your life, then this personalised nutrition and holistic therapy plan designed to help you. Finally, identify the why and stop letting your gut and digestion rule your life - FOREVER.

Using nutritional science, functional medicine and holistic health methods this course identifies your nutritional needs, identifies where you need extra support with specific nutrients that you are lack in or in excess of - highlighting the mistakes that making that are making your symptoms worse. 

Is it normal’ to feel this way?


  • Belching frequently
  • Watery stools
  • Burning sensation before or after eating
  • Feeling tired and sleepy after every meal
  • Needing something sweet after a meal to 'perk you up
  • Needing something sweet after a meal to 'perk you up
  • A reliance on coffee and sugar to get through the day
  • Can't pass a stool without coffee/tea/a smoothie

  •  Suffering from adult acne

  • Tiredness

  • Diarrhoea — frequent loose stools

  • A lack of energy

  • Swollen stomach

  • Mood swings
  • Cramps

In a word, ‘no!’. 

If you have said ‘yes’ to any of the symptoms above, you have a real need for nutrient and holistic health support with a gut health reset, 


The Fierce Wellbeing Online Gut Reset 28 day plan includes:

Reset your gut health - don't let fear around food, pain and frustration stop you enjoying life. Heal and gain back control.

This is a 28 day course designed to tackle; IBS, poor digestion, bloating, flatulence, acid reflux, upset stomach, food intolerances and much more. 

Perfect for those who want a general health reset and to improve on their existing gut health. The 28 day course is designed for you to work at your own pace: ‚Äč

Modules cover the steps you need to start healing your gut

  • Different weekly modules broken down into manage chunks and video explain each step you need to start healing your gut

    Downloadable pdf guides for each module

    Short, precise and informative module videos

    Audio downloads available to listen to on the go

    An exit plan - how you can continue living life with a healthy and happy gut

  • Recipes and shopping lists

  • Bonus module on egging back on track (for future use)
  • Educational resources each step of the way, explains why you are taking these steps and the impact this will have o your gut health


Ready to transform your digestion and stop IBS taking over? 
Let’s get started!