‘Superfoods’ and 'wonder' supplements drain your £$$$$

Nov 03, 2020

We've all been there. Sifting through Dr Google for hours or finding ourselves staring at the aisles in the health shop, looking for that one magic product or wonder pill that will wash away the niggling pains, the stress and provide a much needed boost. Or you discover that the helpful health shop assistant is now telling you something totally different to what the 40k follower ‘influencer’ suggested would ease the bloating/acne/tiredness/insomnia. 

So you put it all on the plastic and invest again - hoping that experimenting with the aloe vera tablet, high strength vitamin C, echinacea drops, Agnus Castus herb or green tea extract will FINALLY ease your niggling symptoms. That these concoctions will rid of the constipation, stop you catching every cough and cold going, or bring back your period. 


I can totally relate, spending money each pay day on a new ‘superfood’, on supplements or products became a ritual for many years.  

Trying to understand a list of symptoms that seemed so unrelated (bloating, low energy, PMS, being forgetful, IBS, feeling ‘hangry’, weight gain, always catching a colds when stressed, struggling to wake up in the mornings) was frustrating and damn right irritating and got in the way of enjoying life. I had to waste a lot of money before I realised that just because probiotics worked for Sarah in pilates and no gluten for Kevin in IT, doesn't mean it will work for me - and in most cases, it didn't. Sometimes a particular food, herb or supplement would provide some relief, then days or weeks later I was back to square one. I just didn't know what my body wanted.


The solution finally arrived in the form of a nutritional therapist suggested to me by a friend who was training in the same field. I booked, was assessed and over the coming weeks I learned to ditch the blanket health advice, ignore the contradictory information and focus on what was right for me, as an individual. In the long run I saved myself precious money and time. Without getting expert help I would still be looking for that magic ‘cure’ or missing link in my diet and lifestyle all these years later.

 During our sessions we examined my genetics, took into account my crushing work schedule, my budget, my lack of spare time to come up with a master plan. We unpicked all my symptoms that I had been suffering with for years. I was given the gift of a lifestyle roadmap, a blueprint of what my body had been crying out for and I still use it as the foundation to my health and wellbeing today.  I was inspired and decided to re-train for three years in the same field, helping clients in exactly the same way. I have never forgotten the frustration that I felt and the dent to my bank balance from looking for solutions in all the wrong places.


My advice to anyone suffering the same way is what I would give to my younger self - save your money, save your time and invest in 1-2-1 support. Pay for the kind of qualified advice that will cut through all the superfoods marketing noise and the quite often inaccurate and blanket approach that is so readily available.

If a 1-2-1 support is out of reach, join a free Facebook group like mine https://www.facebook.com/fiercewellbeing/ or sign up for a mailing list  https://www.fiercewellbeing.com/subscribe to receive regular advice that you can implement into your life with ease. Invest in yourself from a different angle, one that uses qualified advice and accurate guidance  that can implemented into your life with ease.


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