Stay grounded, 'earth' to feel joy

Apr 21, 2020

The lockdown in the UK, in fact globally comes with many stresses and pressures. What has become apparent is that each and every one of us has a demon to face, something to mend or pain to sit with as we are to one extent of another disconnected from the outside world.

After weeks of anxiety I have learnt that this is the best opportunity to focus on 'me' even if that means some days are not productive, are not filled with joy and are in fact peppered with negative emotion. The lesson is to work on feeling balanced, positive where possible, staying connected with loved ones through tech (then in turn recognising when to depart from tech and and just sitting with how I feel).


This is where I have made 'earthing' or 'grounding' (standing on soil or grass to feel more stable) an almost daily practice whist on my daily walks in my local park. There has been some small scale scientific investigation into the benefits to standing on 'dirt' (as my Mother would describe), studies show that connecting the soles of our feet on the ground allow for the uptake of free electrons that can help neutralise free radicals. The latter being an active promotor of ageing and disharmony in the body. Any steps we can take to reduce stress and low


Even if the science is limited, common sense reminds us that not that the wearing of shoes is a fairly new addition to the human existence. We were designed to walk on the ground, naked feet, not in shoes. Despite my love of shoes, sneakers and boots, this is not the packaging my feet were designed to work with.

Since my daily grounding practice I have noticed a reduction in stress (related working online for several hours a day) and a general feel good and positive experience that helps to sustain me throughout the stresses of the day.

How to earth/ground yourself:

  • It is simple. Find some grass, or some soil (literally 'earth)

  • Stand, walk, make contact with the soles of your feet and enjoy

  • You can walk on the surface, but stay off the phone, don't hold conversations, just stay present. Treat this as a meditation.

Don't have a garden?

Neither do I! My local, very urban, very public and (sometimes questionable in terms of safety at sunset) park serves the purpose (just check for dog mess on the floor first).

Kick off your shoes, stand on the earth/grass, deep inhale, even deeper exhale and release and enjoy.


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