Move to meditate (yes, really)

Jan 28, 2021

Mediation doesn’t have to mean sitting still, on a bean bag absent of all thoughts.


Meditation is not ‘spoilt’ or ‘ruined’ just because your shopping list and the blooper that you made on that last Zoom call keep replaying over and over in your mind.


I’ve always had active, random and busy thoughts, in fact this has been an asset in life. So it is of no surprise that the 'sit still and empty your mind' practices never held my attention for long. I learnt after years of enjoying playing with numerous mediations that ‘stillness’ was not right for 'me'.


So instead I opt for a 'moving meditation' - just as powerful just as insightful.


A 'moving med' can exist in many forms - yoga, Thai chi, various healing arts, feeling ‘in the zone’ on a run and even a humble walk in nature.


Personally, I require a meditation that encourages ideas and random thoughts to flow. This adds strength to my creativity, reduces stress and even aids sleep.

So today with my beanie hat and donning a warm coat my 'moving med' will be walking through the local park, soaking up the trees, stepping happily through the mud allowing my imagination to run wild.

How are you keeping calm and centred during these difficult times?


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