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Fierce Wellbeing 

With Karen Chambers 

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Resident Nutrition expert and teacher for:

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It all starts with one small step...

Join Karen Chambers if you’re ready to take back your health, energy, and overall wellbeing by healing your body, emotions, and true self.


Natural and Holistic Wellness


Bringing balance to the mental, physical aspects of your life requires more than just sheer willpower!


It requires you to truly listen to what your body is saying and give it the unique, personal care and attention it deserves to feel energised and healthy.


That’s exactly what I’m here to help you do.


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Gut Health Reset Programme 

A Gut Health Reset

Sign up to my online six week Holistic Health Plan to reset your gut health and get your digestion back to normal and rid of the dreaded bloat and gas.

Homebotanical herbs and healing

A bespoke powerful blend of organic, wild-crafted herbs diluted and potentised homeopathically, targeting specific organs to heal your gut, boost energy and find  balance 

What My Fierce Clients Have to Say

 "I feel like my life has been changed. I can feel the differences in my body and I have confidence that I'm doing the right things because I now understand why."


 "I feel like my life has been changed. I can feel the differences in my body and I have confidence that I'm doing the right things because I now understand why."


Want to know why this complete stranger cares so much about your gut and overall health? 



I went through my very own holistic awakening, that’s why! Read my personal experience with IBS,  hormonal imbalances and unblocking stagnant energy and emotions to awaken to my true self– and what I did do heal my life from the inside out.

Ready to Take Back Your Life and Health?

Book your Power Hour now or jump straight to signing up for my 6-week program to achieve the natural and holistic wellness you need to let go of your limits and live. Really live.

Hi, I'm Karen

Just like you, I’ve felt lost when it came to my health. No matter where I turned, I could never seem to get the genuine, personal, and effective help I needed. I felt burnt out and blocked from the inside out. I had spent a fortune on doctors who dismissed my concerns, “superfoods” and supplements that simply didn’t work for me, and “fool-proof” health solutions that never stopped me from feeling bloated, tired, and disconnected from life. I realised that I needed to approach my health in a way that helped me, instead of relying on blanket advice and find methods that dug deep to unearth the root causes.


Enough Was Enough


I took back my life and health through education. I spent three years studying at the world-renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and became a registered nutritional therapist, a naturopath and a homeobotanical practitioner and reiki healer with one specific goal in mind. I’ve made it my mission to help women who feel just like I did. I want to help you feel heard, appreciated, and empowered in taking back your health, your freedom, and unblock the barriers you feel in life.

I Am More Than My Blocks

After feeling burnt out, tired, and spiritually and emotionally unbalanced for so long, I realised that I’d completely lost sight of who I was.. I was a creative, intuitive healer, and passionate person. I learned to re-align my mind and body and finally feel truly healthy and happy and UNBLOCKED.

Taking A Closer Look at Your Health

My natural and holistic wellness servcies go beyond just treating your symptoms, I look at you as a WHOLE PERSON. I want to help you pinpoint the original cause of your condition and pull it out from its root and help you rid of blocks in your life. I am here to hold your hand then empower you, set you free with holisitic health solutions bespoke to YOU. I’m here to help.

I create actionable roadmaps based on functional medicine, nutritional science, herbs and natural health and energetic healing

More From My Fierce Client Transformations...

I am in far better shape than I was a year ago. I followed a holistic approach to my problems with nutrition, to taking supplements, how to stop smoking, reduce alcohol and losing weight.


"Since working with Karen I feel that I have got my life back. I am at a stage now that I did not dream possible. I am really happy with my health. I am back to the old me." 


Bringing the Balance Back

Your physical and emotional health depends on a very careful balance of nutrition, gut health, and hormones. When these pillars aren’t taken care of, the balance starts to slip, and we start seeing its effect on our health, our energy, and our overall wellbeing. I’m here to help you bring back the balance to your life by educating you on nutrition, health, and natural holistic wellness that’s tailored to suit you.

Listen To a Professional Who Genuinely Cares

Have you been turned away by your general practitioner or have someone dismiss your concerns without actually listening? I know exactly what you’re going through, which means I have a personal connection to my clients already. Your health is as important to me as my own, so let’s start taking control of it together.


Weekly wellness advice LIVE on Instgram