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Fierce Wellbeing 

With Karen Chambers 

Unblock energy and confidence, start feeling free to live your life

△ Wise & Holistic nutrition
△ Natural health
△ Mindful living 

Hello, I'm Karen and I help people just like you

At Fierce Wellbeing, I support and offer solutions to women suffering from IBS, PCOS and other hormonal conditions that affect skin, hair and weight to get their bodies back into balance.
I write articles, guest blog and produce short documentaries

about health and wellness. 


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 "I feel like my life has been changed. I can feel the differences in my body and I have confidence that I'm doing the right things because I now understand why."


"I had been struggling with gut issues 15 years, Karen guided me through the six week program that improved my health within the first two weeks. Her kindness, passion and knowledge are priceless" 


Is it normal to feel this way?

To feel bloated, have IBS symptoms, PCOS, hormonal fluctuations, low energy and the weight you can't lose? To experience constipation, then diarrhoea, persistent thrush, feel 'hangry' with dry skin and PMS? Catching every cold and cough when you're run down and unsure what foods trigger your gut issues no matter what you try to do? The answer is 'NO!'


The good news is...it is possible to get rid of it all...I help my clients discover the root cause and get their bodies back into balance to start feeling energised, balance excess weight, improve their skin, get rid of bloating and digestive issues and get their hormones back into balance. Getting the body back in check allows them to consider the steps in their lives they have been held back from - regulating periods, starting a fertility journey, boosting libido, no more embarrassing tummy issues and the freedom to eat foods that were 'banned' before. 

I understand your pain.....I too found myself confused by the overwhelming amount of information out there. I was often left with more questions than answers, wondering 'why do I feel like this when everyone else seems to be ok?'. I made key steps to free myself from the prison of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), PCOS and hormonal imbalances and you can too.

Let's speak about how I can help you and give you the answers and the solutions that you have been searching for.

My story..

From burnout to thriving.... 

For many years I worked long days and many evenings that left me feeling stressed, always run down, tired, bloated, low energy and with PCOS. The situation was made worse by regularly 'letting my hair down' at the weekend, smoking and not getting enough sleep. 

After being dismissed by the G.P I found nutritional and holistic support back to health and I never looked back. 

Those niggling health issues are now a thing of the past. I was so inspired that I trained for three years at the world-renowned College Of Naturopathic Medicine, London.

The years of suffering were not for nothing - now I help clients to transform their health and happiness. Using 1-2-1 bespoke guidance I show them how to be free of IBS, hormonal imbalances and tiredness so they can get on and enjoy life again. 


Let me help formal your purpose when life is holding you back.


Tried every diet. read all the books, magazine articles, been to 'experts' before and can't see  how anything can help?

Book a 60 Power HourDiscover a holistic health and nutrition roadmap that will transform your health - FOREVER 





Reset your gut health - don't let fear around food, pain and frustration stop you enjoying life. Heal and gain back control.

​Is fear controlling what you can and cannot eat? Are you always on feeling edge, worried about bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, excess gas and abdominal pain? Is eating out now a chore, or you just can't pinpoint despite numerous trips to the doctor and various tests why this is happening to you? If IBS and icky digestion taking over too much of your life, then this personalised nutrition and holistic therapy plan designed to help you. Finally, identify the why and stop letting your gut and digestion rule your life - FOREVER. 


"I've learnt much more than I thought I would when I first sought help. I've begun to understand what my body needs and which foods are going to help my body work well."


I am in far better shape than I was a year ago. I followed a holistic approach to my problems with nutrition, to taking supplements, how to stop smoking, reduce alcohol and losing weight.



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